Sample Interview Questions

This position will require a person with a high level of organizational skills. Describe how you plan to stay organized while performing the duties of this position.

Tell us your philosophy for customer service and how it relates to this position.

Describe a situation when you had difficulty with a co-worker or supervisor. Were you able to overcome the problem and, if so, how did you accomplish this? What would you do differently?

Explain a few of the processes or tools that you will use to evaluate how well a program is running.

With respect to your credentials, what is one area that you might consider yourself to be less-qualified? How would you overcome this?

If a program that you run has fewer participants than desired/expected, explain some of the potential causes of lower participant numbers in general. What would you do to resolve each of these issues? What analysis would you use to determine the specific cause of this for your program?

Describe for us your capability in evaluating an employee that works under your direction. What tools might you use in this process? What characteristics are you looking for? How do you motivate and train your staff?

Give us an example of a program that you were responsible to run and some of the improvements that you put in place. Has there been a time that you were approached by a parent or another employee with ideas to improve a program? Describe this situation and how you handled it.

To be prepared prior to the interview: You will have 10-15 minutes to share a new program based upon the following information:

  • You are to design and implement a program for elementary age children.
  • You have indoor facilities and outdoor facilities which include….
  • Your program should pay for itself and produce a net income of 30% to pay for overhead costs.
  • Prepare and present to the interview committee the following:
    • Program Details
    • Marketing Efforts
    • Staffing and Equipment Needs
    • Budget Details